The diversion line makes modern, one-of-a-kind furniture by working with construction waste. Using basic building materials from new construction, renovations and demolitions, the diversion line is made of scraps of almost any planar waste between ¾” and 1 ½” thick. After being machined into shapes, each piece is then surfaced, sealed and bored for connection through simple hardware: threaded rods, nuts and spacers.

This product is available delivered as shown or as DIY kits, which makes the shipping more affordable and the environmental footprint much smaller. For architects, designers, contractors or developers, this product qualifies for LEED 2009 credits.

The diversion line was started in January of 2010 by Knock Architecture and Design. To purchase the diversion line furniture or kits see the Product Delivery area below on the right.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Diversion Line 01 Bench and Stool on Sale Now

Introducing the diversion line 01 bench and diversion line 01 stool, on sale now. Each unit made of reclaimed plywood or MDF (finished with a low VOC sealer) and zinc-plated hardware. Dimensions are 18"x18"x18" for the stool and 18"x18"x40" for the bench. Custom bench lengths are also available.

To build this yourself,
order a kit now for $50 or $150 under "KITS FOR SALE" below to the right. Or you can have the bench or stool built in our studio and sent to you by selecting the appropriate item below on the right. The benches are $1200 the stools are $500. Prices do not include taxes and S&H. Please allow one month from the order date for the table to be built and reach your home. Note that the benches and stools are built on available reclaimed plywood/mdf veneers, so we will e-mail with options for the available veneer.

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